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TrustPoint On-Demand


We offer free use of our repository, TrustPoint On-Demand, to all our clients. Wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use any computer or mobile device to access transcripts, exhibits, pleadings or any other data you wish to store online.

Mobile App – Download our mobile app for access to scheduling, calendar, and transcripts. Gain full-time, portable access to all transcripts and your deposition calendar wherever you have an internet connection.

Desktop Icon – Download our desktop Icon for easy access to scheduling.

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Repository Access

All deposition transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits and documents will be stored in a secure, always-available web repository. Your documents are uploaded, downloaded and viewed using secure, 128-bit encrypted web communications and hosted in our SOC 2/ISO Compliant on-premise facility.

Job Calendar – Display your current and past schedule as a searchable list or monthly calendar. You can also access your calendar and all other repository content on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or other web-enabled wireless device – simply download our app at the app store for your iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry or tablet.

Smart Online Order Forms – Make online requests easy when you only have to enter new information – our dynamic database remembers everything else for you. Also, requests appear on your job calendar as soon as you submit them.

Billing Information – Easily access your payment history, outstanding balances and detailed invoices.

Case Repository – Share case-related files with co-counsels and anyone else helping you win a case.

Transcript-Only Repository – Gain quick access to downloadable transcripts of completed jobs. You have the ability to view, search, annotate, download and print transcripts and exhibits.

Large Case Collaboration – When engaged in Complex Litigation such as MDL or other large matters, TrustPoint will set up a repository specific to the matter. This way all members of the litigation will have a central location to manage the deposition calendar, transcripts and exhibits. Unique user IDs and passwords issued by your case manager will allow each law firm to have work-product privacy, but all parties will be able to see and make changes to the calendar and view, download and search all related transcripts and exhibits.

Our Services:

We Can Help Plan, Execute and Manage Any or All of Your Discovery, Legal Staffing or Managed Service Needs.

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