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Deposition Services


We assist our clients by providing every tool and service they need to thrive. We stay ahead of technology, allowing us to exceed our clients’ expectations. It is important to note that as a technology-enabled, integrated-service company, we understand that depositions are coming at the end of a long journey your firm/legal department has traveled. We navigate those steps with you, offering forensic data collection, electronic discovery processing, hosting in kCura Relativity, providing teams of attorneys to perform managed review in our review centers (or staff them at your office), and ultimately, providing reporters for your deposition needs. We are constantly evaluating new and efficient ways to reduce litigation expenses on an ongoing basis. We are committed to developing new techniques to control costs and improve service delivery while maintaining our high quality standards.


Videography Services – Capture non-verbal and verbal cues with legal videography. TrustPoint offers standard videography solutions, two-camera videography solutions (one camera on witness and one on exhibit) and a variety of post-production options (i.e., Picture-to-Picture).

Synchronized Video Transcripts – The transcript will match the video word-for-word, expression-by-expression. Easily search the transcript and video together, so you can make clips that easily export to TrialDirector, Sanction, PowerPoint or an E-Brief from our DVD with pre-loaded software.

Virtual Deposition – Our Streaming Video Conferencing service is the only universal solution that allows you to remotely view Real-Time text as it is being transcribed by a court reporter, while listening to and watching live testimony. Electronic exhibit management is also available.

Exhibit Management – Easily manage exhibits through the TrustPoint On-Demand repository. Exhibits can be managed virtually and provided as needed to attorneys engaged in deposition or simply collected at end of deposition, scanned, hyperlinked to transcript and uploaded to our repository. With TrustPoint On-Demand, they are available anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection – on any device.

Interpreters/Translators – TrustPoint can help arrange qualified foreign language interpreters and/or translators wherever your deposition is located.

Transcription Services – Audio, video, hearings, and witness meetings can be transcribed by a legal transcriptionist.

Repository – All deposition transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits and documents will be stored in a secure, online and always-available repository. Your documents are uploaded, downloaded and viewed using secure, 128-bit encrypted web communications and hosted in our SOC 2 / ISO Compliant, on-premise facility.

Our Services:

We Can Help Plan, Execute and Manage Any or All of Your Discovery, Legal Staffing or Managed Service Needs.

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