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Court Reporting


TrustPoint works with nationally accredited court reporters who are chosen based on accuracy, customer experience and on-time transcript delivery. TrustPoint Court Reporting is committed to providing only the highest quality in all our products and services, and we are well-positioned to provide these services globally. Our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with your law firm or corporation, and we are ready to take you to the next level of litigation services through technology-driven processes.


Services Offering:

Court Reporters – All court reporters are vetted for appropriate licensing, certifications and credentials and are subject to rigorous quality-control processes. Benefits include:

  • Accurate court reporting
  • Timely transcripts
  • Dependability
  • Emergency coverage
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable service
  • Extremely prompt
  • Professional and friendly
  • Availability in every city nationwide
  • Email or faxed confirmation
  • Selectively screened court reporters
  • E-transcripts 24/7 (link)

Real-Time reporting – Real-Time reporting requires a reporter to carry the credential CRR (Certified Real-Time Reporter), as administered by the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association). We hold our reporters to high standards and support them through our involvement with the NCRA and by providing many continuing education opportunities. While taking the deposition, attorneys can read the transcript, annotate, issue code and digest everything in Real-Time.

Videography – Our videographers must carry the credential CLVS (Certified Legal Video Specialist). They shoot in HD Digital format and offer a full range of services, including synchronization, transcription and streaming over the internet, so you can always be there.

Videoconferencing – Our conference rooms are equipped with full-service videoconferencing, so that we can connect you to your deposition when you need.

Virtual Depositions – Using LiveDeposition, we are able to stream the court reporters’ transcripts in Real-Time while also sending the videographer’s live feed to your desktop. With TrustPoint, you are free to attend your next deposition from the comfort of your own home or office. Increase your billable hours by taking advantage of TrustPoint’s Real-Time feed, our audio and video conferencing streaming service. Our virtual tool is the only universal solution that allows you to remotely view Real-Time text as it is being transcribed by a court reporter while listening to and watching live testimony at the same time, without having to endure the inconvenience of travel.

Repository – With TrustPoint On-Demand, we bring your virtual office to you from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. By downloading our free app on the app store (Click here to learn more), you can access a calendar of your cases, transcripts, exhibits, or any other items you would like our case management team to store online. Most importantly, TrustPoint is the ONLY court reporting company in the world that can boast our data center is wholly owned by us. We do not co-locate and have secured both our SOC2 and ISO compliance to prove that we are providing the highest standards of security. Let’s not forget transcripts and exhibits often have sensitive information, medical records, social security numbers and other financial information that you need to protect.

Interpretation – TrustPoint can provide interpreters for depositions in any language.

Translation – TrustPoint offers full-translation services, FIPO (For Information Purposes Only) translations, machine translations and full-certified translations.

Expedited Production of Transcript – Rough, ASCII, Final – from same day to standard delivery.


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