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TrustPoint International’s client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, was facing a product liability lawsuit for one of its most popular and profitable drugs. With more than 5 terabytes of data collected, the client asked TrustPoint International to devise an efficient data reduction and managed review strategy to alleviate much of the cost and burden of a lengthy and expensive review of what could be a significant amount of irrelevant data. Plaintiff’s counsel submitted search terms that hit on over 3,000,000 documents from the data set—with many search terms so broad that they were identified in over 25% of the documents. By analyzing the complaint, working with counsel, and utilizing key documents already identified, TrustPoint International’s consultants were able to revise the keyword list bringing total search hits down to just over 1,000,000 and eliminating many false-positives. Plaintiff’s ultimately accepted these revisions when TrustPoint was able to show that a random sampling of the false-positives based on the previously drafted keywords were indeed non-responsive and irrelevant to the matter. With 1,000,000 documents remaining for review, and a tight discovery deadline looming, TrustPoint International used Relativity analytics for concept clustering and concept-based batching. With a team of just 20 contract attorneys, the managed review process took only six weeks to complete. The reviewers were able to average more than 200 documents per hour based largely on the fact that the data was categorized in a way that aided in the ease of review and consistency of tagging. For additional efficiency, the first pass reviewers were divided into three teams so they could each focus on identifying:
  • Suspected non-responsive documents based on the analytics;
  • Potentially responsive documents; and
  • Potentially privileged documents as sequestered through a combination of key word searched and analytics.
Further validating the keyword reduction, the review produced a responsive-rich production set of more than 40% of the data loaded for review.

Client Success – A Complete Managed Review for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical company involved in international class-action litigation was faced with reviewing over 5 million pages in electronic format. TrustPoint International was selected by lead counsel and its outside litigation consulting firm to support the client’s California-based litigation firm in taking full responsibility for the initial phases of review for privilege and legal relevance. TrustPoint International identified, interviewed and selected the appropriate team of review attorneys for the project and provided an offsite location with a minimum of 25 attorney work stations, full broad band connectivity, and space for supervisory personnel from the lead law firm and litigation consulting firm. TrustPoint International also identified a Project Manager to work on-site with the law firm and consultants to conduct weekly reviews for productivity and accuracy, ongoing training and support, and general quality control procedures for the review project.

Client Success – A Complete Overnight Document Review Solution for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

A leading international pharmaceutical company reached out for emergency discovery assistance. They needed a complete document review facility and team for their IP patent dispute up and running by the next day. In less than 12 hours, TrustPoint International assembled an experienced team of attorney reviewers led by a skilled veteran Project Manager to conduct a 3-month review in one of our state-of-the-art review facilities.

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