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Client Success – A Department of Justice Second Request

A national diversified broadcasting corporation approached TrustPoint International with a time-sensitive requirement driven by a Department of Justice (DOJ) Second Request to support an end-to-end discovery project. This complete and complex project included the need for services ranging from initial data collection to complete data production. The project required collection, processing, review and production of information from over 30 custodians/drives and over 23 boxes of paper located in four separate and geographically dispersed states. Key TrustPoint International capabilities requested for this project included:
  • Collections
  • eDiscovery Consulting
  • Scanning
  • Processing
  • Computer-Assisted Review
  • Manual Review
  • Production
Upon agreement of services required, TrustPoint International coordinated with the client and outside counsel to verify data requirements to include data locations, data dispositions and discovery requirements to include a customized workflow presented to the DOJ to leverage computer-assisted review in order to accelerate data reduction. Leveraging TrustPoint International project management, forensics and collections, discovery and review teams, the project was initiated and completed on time and on budget. Details of specific actions and results of TrustPoint International services are provided below: 1. Collection: Multistate effort required collection of over 30 custodians/drives and 23 boxes of paper. Collected electronically stored information and paper documents were shipped to TrustPoint International headquarters in Atlanta, GA, for further action. 2. Scanning: 23 boxers of paper required scanning and preparation for processing.

RESULT: 799 GB of ESI Available/Requiring Processing

3. Processing: 799 GB of electronically stored information was processed using TunnelVision resulting in 379 GB (1.2 million documents) prepared for review after deduping, deNISTing and date ranges were applied.

RESULT: Approximately 53% Data Reduction By Utilizing TunnelVision for Processing

4. Computer-Assisted Review: 379 GB (1.2 million documents) were ingested into the Relativity review platform. After completing seed set and QC rounds, RAR reduced the data set to approximately 76 GB (approximately 240,000 documents).

RESULT: Approximately 80% Data Reduction By Utilizing RAR For Computer-Assisted Review.

5. Manual Review: Approach agreement for manual review was to review 100% of uncategorized documents and 10% of non-responsive and responsive document for quality control (QC) and privilege. To increase cost savings, TrustPoint International leveraged multiple review teams and sites coordinated under the supervision of a single project manager.

RESULT: Review Completed On Time

6. Production: Immediately as documents completed QC review, the TIFFing process was initiated to allow for a rolling production completed in the earliest possible time.

RESULT: Project Completed On Time And On Budget

Synopsis: TrustPoint International met the DOJ Second Request driven discovery requirements of a national broadcasting corporation by reducing through processing and computer-assisted review the initial data set of 799 GB (1.2 million documents) of data into a manageable manual review data set of approximately 76 GB (approximately 240,000 documents). This was completed on time and on budget and managed under the supervision of the client and outside counsel by TrustPoint International. The combination of TrustPoint International services using a team intimately familiar and totally dedicated to the client matter and the accelerative benefits of computer-assisted review resulted in not only in the defensible completion of the discovery, but in saving of time and money. About TrustPoint International TrustPoint International helps clients address business and legal challenges associated with the discovery and review of electronically stored information with legal technologies and services for law firms, corporations and governments. Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA, TrustPoint International’s end-to-end eDiscovery services include forensic collections, processing, analytics, predictive coding and managed review and are supported from 15 national offices and eight national review centers. Learn more about TrustPoint International today at 1.855.669.1205 or info@trustpointintl.com.

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