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DiscoverNOW for Law Firms

DiscoverNOW provides clients with access to a portfolio of electronic discovery services ranging from collection to production at one predictable cost. DiscoverNOW gives clients immediate access to industry-leading applications and eDiscovery expertise without the requirement for procurement and deployment of hardware, software and personnel. Services available in this option include collections, processing, early case assessment, technology-assisted review, and hosted review. Your dedicated consulting and project management team supports these services.

Key Reasons to Consider DiscoveryNOW for Law Firms

  • Access (Immediate Access to State-of-the-Art Technology)
  • Economics (Improve Predictability, Reduce CapEx and Reduce Risk)
  • Focus (Allows for Focus on Core Expertise)
  • Predictability (Linear and Consistent Costs for Greater Cost Recovery)

Key Components of this Offering for Law Firms

  • Adaptability (Customizable Configurations for Changing Requirements – Platform Agnostic)
  • Availability (High Availability Infrastructure Augmented with Disaster Recovery Capability)
  • Reportability (Reporting of Performance and Utilization for Applications and Storage)
  • Scalability (Network, Systems and Processes Designed to Accommodate Growth)
  • Security (Secure Networks, Data and Facilities with AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 Validation – SSAE 16)
  • Standardization (Standardized Processes for Efficient and Repeatable Delivery)
  • Supportability (24x7x365 Support from Dedicated Managed Services Team)

Additionally, where client requirements are best served, TrustPoint International Solution Engineers can custom develop hybrid service packages that combine elements of each offering to deliver to clients a cost effective and capability complete offering for their specific needs.

Cost Recovery and Dedicated Support

By leveraging TrustPoint Managed Services, law firms can accurately budget and plan for all of their costs for litigation services, making it easier to recover them.  TrustPoint Managed Services improves cost recovery by providing custom reports that can be specific to the case and client matter number for litigation services including storage consumption.  Predictable costs coupled with greater efficiencies result in a lower overall cost to your clients.  Proactive cost recovery activities are attained through a combination of decreased technology/support costs for the firm and economies gained by the firm working with a single trusted discovery partner. Additionally, with the decrease in billing complexity gained from working with a single provider, firms can directly increase client satisfaction in the area of service billing.

TrustPoint has the ability to create billing system import files, custom csv files, electronic invoices from TrustPoint’s billing system and a variety of other custom reports necessary to ensure success in cost recovery.

Additionally, DiscoverNOW is designed to serve the around-the-clock needs of clients and is supported by a dedicated team of professionals to include a support team, IT team, operations team and an engineering team. Managed through a client services manager with direct support from the office of project management, DiscoverNOW provide clients with predictability of costs, cost recovery mechanisms and dedicated support.

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