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AdminNOW with Relativity

AdminNOW with Relativity provides clients near 100% administration access and control of the industry-leading Relativity review platform at one predictable cost.  AdminNOW gives clients near full administrative rights to Relativity without having to purchase Relativity software and infrastructure.  All on your own when you want.  Services include a dedicated TrustPoint Support Manager and Project Management team for all requests to handle collections, processing, early case assessment, technology-assisted review, and hosted review.  Your dedicated TrustPoint consulting, project management and help desk team supports all of these services 24×7.  

The solution will provide the firm the ability to efficiently manage the entire discovery process with a framework for delivering additional value add components surrounding consulting, data reduction, data classification, early case assessment and productions. 

Control with AdminNow includes:

  • Users:  Add/change/delete users.  Manage access to cases, groups and reset passwords.
  • Cases:  Add and manage your cases (workspaces). 
  • Groups:  Manage group access to cases and members of groups.
  • Matters:  Add and manage matters.
  • Environment:  Access and manage productivity and billing reporting.

Key components of this offering include:

  • Relativity Administration:  Control what you want to control.
  • Availability: 24/7/365 access.
  • Reportability:  Full access to reporting tools and environment.
Download our summary of AdminNow here.

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