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Managed Services

TrustPoint International’s Managed Services are designed to provide legal departments and law firms with access to a complete portfolio of industry-leading legal technologies and support without an upfront investment in hardware, software and support personnel. Whether you currently do all eDiscovery work in-house, collect internally and outsource eDiscovery and review, or outsource all eDiscovery work, TrustPoint International Managed Services will save you time and money while increasing the predictability of your discovery efforts throughout the litigation lifecycle.

TrustPoint International Managed Services are provided to clients in four separate offerings that give clients the capability of enterprise-grade infrastructure and applications, the on-demand accessibility of immediate and on-going access, and the predictability of cost of all options for a single, affordable monthly rate.

Three Options for TrustPoint Managed Services

TrustPoint International’s three managed service options provide clients with comprehensive choices in the way they integrate and implement the service level they need to achieve their discovery, usability and financial objectives. Available options of services include:

  • InfrastructureNOW provides clients with an enterprise-grade managed infrastructure to support the deployment and management of software agnostic litigation applications and storage. This eliminates the capital expenditure of hardware, software and personnel requirements for an in-house technology infrastructure. InfrastructureNOW is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that delivers a fully redundant private custom hosting environment with a dedicated project management and support team.

    Click here to learn more about InfrastructureNOW.

  • ReviewNOW with Relativity provides clients with a private fully hosted and supported environment for the industry-leading Relativity review platform at one predictable cost. ReviewNOW gives clients the ability to operate their own private and secure Relativity environment without having to purchase Relativity software and infrastructure. ReviewNOW clients will have access to key applications to include Relativity Analytics and Relativity Assisted Review without the requirement for internal procurement and deployment of hardware, software and personnel.

    Click here to learn more to learn more about ReviewNOW with Relativity.

  • Corporations and Law Firms provides clients with access to a portfolio of electronic discovery services ranging from collection to production at one predictable cost. DiscoverNOW gives clients immediate access to industry-leading applications and eDiscovery expertise without the requirement for procurement and deployment of hardware, software and personnel. Services available in this option include collections, processing, early case assessment, technology-assisted review, and hosted review. Your dedicated consulting and project management team supports these services.

    Learn more about DiscoverNOW for Corporations and DiscoverNOW for Law Firms.

Additionally, where client requirements are best served, TrustPoint International Solution Engineers can custom develop hybrid service packages that combine elements of each offering to deliver to clients a cost effective and capability complete offering for their specific needs.

Dedicated and Focused Support

TrustPoint Managed Services are designed to serve the around-the-clock needs of clients and are supported by a dedicated team of professionals to include a support team, IT team, operations team and an engineering team. Managed through a client services manager with direct support from the office of project management, our services provide clients with predictability of costs, cost recovery mechanisms and dedicated support.

Eight Reasons to Consider TrustPoint International Managed Services

The Importance of Managed Services
  • Accessibility (Immediate Accessibility to Complete Infrastructure)
  • Availability (High Availability of Infrastructure)
  • Expertise (Experienced and Dedicated Domain Experts)
  • Protection (Tested Back-up and Disaster Recovery Processes)
  • Reach (15 Domestic Office Locations and Eight Review Centers)
  • Scalability (Investment Protection and Increased Capability)
  • Standardization (Standardized Processes and Procedures)
  • Supportability (Dedicated 24x7x365 Support)

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