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Legal Staffing

Delivering a balance of availability, expertise and experience, TrustPoint International’s Legal Staffing offerings are designed to provide legal departments and law firms with access to a complete array of industry-leading legal experts without the financial overhead and management challenges associated with organic staffing.

TrustPoint Staffing Services provide clients contract attorney, foreign language, managed review and substantive staffing support. To learn more about these services by clicking on the appropriate icon below.

About TrustPoint International

TrustPoint International helps clients address business and legal challenges associated with the discovery and review of electronically stored information with legal technologies and services for law firms, corporations and governments. Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA, TrustPoint International’s end-to-end eDiscovery services include forensic collections, processing, analytics, predictive coding and managed review and are supported from 15 national offices and eight national review centers.

Client Success:

TrustPoint International met the DOJ Second Request driven discovery requirements of a national broadcasting corporation by reducing through processing and computer-assisted review the initial data set of 799 GB (1.2 million documents) of data into a manageable manual review data set of approximately 76 GB (approximately 240,000 documents). This was completed on time and on budget and managed under the supervision of the client and outside counsel by TrustPoint International. The combination of TrustPoint International services using a team familiar and dedicated to the client matter and the benefits of computer-assisted review resulted in the savings of time and money. Learn more.

Client Success:

A leading healthcare industry client required emergency assistance based on the fact that search terms proposed by opposing counsel were returning over 300,000 documents for review. Due to unforeseen developments in the case, all review and production needed to be completed within two weeks. Within 48 hours of notification, TrustPoint International helped the client and outside counsel reduce the proposed review set to approximately 49,000 documents through testing, sampling and optimization of the search terms. Three days after notification of the emergency the review was underway and in less than two weeks all review and QC was completed, enabling the client and counsel to hit their production deadline. Learn more.

We Can Help Plan, Execute and Manage Any or All of Your Discovery, Legal Staffing or Managed Service Needs.

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