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Client Success – A High-Profile Defense Contractor Implements an Enterprise Data Management Program

A high-profile defense contractor engaged the principals of TrustPoint to develop, implement and execute an enterprise data management program spanning several years, across their entire organizational footprint, nationally and internationally. For one part of the program, relating to a government investigation, TrustPoint had to consolidate all legacy data, including paper and various iterations of servers and databases, into a single centralized data repository . The project took two years to complete, required actions in 22 cities, and ended up collecting and processing more than 120 million documents. In another initiative, we developed a litigation repository for their client, who was involved in a multi-jurisdiction, multi-case lawsuit involving potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. Overall, we developed a customized database solution using iConect as the backbone to manage over 25 separate matters. We hosted more than 180 million documents, and had a dedicated staff of 15 people in eight major cities working data management, processing, hosting, and review coordination. In one final example, we helped consolidate and manage electronic data from three of the companies’ largest departments, implementing a backfile conversion program over a period of three years in order to normalize all of the required data. Overall, we worked for over seven years with this company, assisting with many corporate data management initiatives—spanning from corporate compliance initiatives to active and “bet the company” litigation matters. Being integrated with their company as an on-site solution helped with the execution and efficiency of these coordinated efforts.

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