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Client Success – A Challenge from a Manufacturing Industry Competitor

Our client, a nationally known manufacturing firm in the carpet and flooring industry, was facing an Intellectual Property litigation lawsuit arising from a competitor challenging one of its primary manufacturing processes. The Request for Production served upon them would require a nationally coordinated effort to collect data from the laptops of 48 custodians comprised of sales and management teams from across the country, centralized file share and e-mail servers—all by a deadline looming just three weeks away. TrustPoint was engaged to mobilize its travel-ready, FTK certified forensic collections team. Once the data was collected and centralized at their Atlanta-based data center, TrustPoint project managers worked closely with outside and corporate counsel to effectuate a data filtering strategy to reduce the data set as much as possible, minimizing further costs of processing and hosting. Advanced filtering techniques and software, general key word, date and filed type restrictions, in conjunction with more advanced search, domain and custodian filtering techniques were implemented to cull more than 70% of the data out of the originally collected set. The data was appropriately processed for hosting, and TrustPoint maintained the data set in its Relativity database for the duration of the litigation. Using pricing scenarios supplied by TrustPoint competitors, our solution and data reduction strategy saved the client more than $100,000 in ediscovery costs.

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