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Review Hosting

TrustPoint International provides clients with the ability to use industry-leading review technology to evaluate ESI for responsiveness, relevance and privilege. With the ability to load data files from TrustPoint International provided analytics and processing platforms or from the processing platform of your choice, our review hosting services provides clients:

  • Secure, online accessibility for geographically dispersed review teams.
  • Full-featured review platform support that scales to support requirements.

Consisting of the latest features to enable efficient and economic document review, key functions of TrustPoint International’s Review Hosting service includes:

  • Analytics
  • Annotations
  • Audit Trails
  • Case Management
  • Clustering
  • Conceptual Review
  • Concept Search
  • Customizable Report
  • Dynamic Folders
  • Email Threading
  • Electronic Image Numbering
  • Foreign Language Identification and Support
  • Indexed Search
  • Image Conversion
  • Redaction of Image
  • Review Images
  • Review Management
  • Review of Native ESI
  • Role Management
  • Secured Subset Review
  • Transcript Handling

These features are supported by a stringent security infrastructure that has been acknowledged as exceeding the demands of our most highly regulated banking and financial industry clients. To deliver this highly secure infrastructure, TrustPoint International employs multiple approaches to ensure conflict and confidentiality integrity.

With an active internal network between all client-facing employees, each client matter is carefully vetted to ensure no conflicts of interest. TrustPoint International augments this coordination-intensive vetting with security and policy layers to ensure both active and passive protection measures in the areas of security and privacy.

These additional layers of security and privacy include:

  • Physical Security: The TrustPoint International production environment is located in a secure data center with very strict and limited access. The data center employs a security policy requiring individual keycards and provisioned handprint scans. The production site is located in a dedicated and segregated portion of the data center with its own physical security measures in place. Additionally, all equipment is housed in racks with limited access by onsite IT maintenance personnel.
  • Network Security is of utmost importance and TrustPoint International employs numerous levels of security to ensure all data is protected from unauthorized access. Security measures include hardware firewalls for the networks and multiple layers of data security have been implemented with file system security encoded in the application layer of our software. All network links between offices and centers are secure maintaining no visibility from the public Internet.
  • Security Policies have been developed and are routinely tested to ensure no vulnerabilities exist on any level of TrustPoint International’s security structure. Security procedures are constantly developed to minimize risk of unauthorized access to critical and confidential data.

These integrity and security elements, supported by comprehensive internal and external privacy policies, represent TrustPoint International’s holistic approach to data protection and corresponding demonstrated commitment to the protection of client data.

The TrustPoint Review Workflow

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