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Forensics and Collections

TrustPoint International Forensics and Collection Services provide clients with the ability to begin investigating, analyzing and collecting electronically stored information (ESI) to immediately begin identifying and limiting legal and business risk.

This capability can help protect organizations early from risks that include:

  • Revenue Loss
  • Confidential Information Exposure
  • Legal Exposure
  • Reputation Damage
  • Staff Productivity Impact
  • Hierarchy Subversion
  • Social Engineering
  • Identity Fraud
  • Unauthorized IT/IS Access
  • Uncontrolled Data Exchange

Employing a combination of industry best practices, proven protocols and a team of industry experts, TrustPoint International delivers Forensics and Collection services that help clients mitigate risk by:

  • Ensuring ESI is admissible.
  • Ensuring ESI is authentic.
  • Ensuring ESI is complete.
  • Ensuring ESI is reliable.
  • Ensuring ESI is believable.

Delivered by TrustPoint International’s Global Forensics and Collections Team (GFCT), a team of highly trained forensics and collection experts with the ability to deploy within hours of a client request to address global forensics and collection needs regardless of ESI location, available Forensics and Collection services address six core areas:

  • Investigation of ESI
  • Analysis of ESI
  • Expert Testimony in Regard to ESI
  • Remote Data Collection of ESI
  • Onsite Data Collection of ESI
  • Support for Self Collection of ESI

These core service areas support client needs in both criminal law/law enforcement (incident response, cybercrime) and electronic discovery (corporate litigation, internal investigations) efforts.

With an extensive portfolio of acquisition and analysis technology augmented by a team of certified forensics and collection experts trained in the employment of defensible chain-of-custody practices and processes, TrustPoint International can help clients in identifying, acquiring and understanding structured and unstructured ESI regardless of its state, format or location.

TrustPoint International Forensics and Collection Services are also augmented by an extensive portfolio of supporting services designed to help clients with:

  • Identification, certification and reporting on potentially relevant sources of ESI.
  • Preservation and collection plan development, execution and validation.

Led by internationally recognized computer forensic expert John Wilson, a two-decade veteran with extensive experience in supporting public and private sectors, GFCT credentials include:

  • AccessData Certified Examiners (ACE) and AccessData Mobile Examiners (AME)
  • EnCase Certified Examiners (EnCE)
  • Extensive Experience in Forensics and Collection of Apple Products.
  • Leadership in High Technology Crimes Investigation Association (Atlanta)
  • Participation in EDRM Collections and Standards Investigations Projects
  • Participation in The Sedona Conference (Working Groups 1 and 6)
  • Expert Witness Experience in State, National and International Matters

The TrustPoint Collections Workflow

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