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Partnering with leaders in the research, development and deployment of textual analytics tools to support audits, investigations and litigation, TrustPoint International provides integrated best-of-breed analytics capability to help clients:

  • Understand ESI to inform decisions on downstream eDiscovery requirements.
  • Assess ESI early (Early Case Assessment) in preparation for interaction with opposing counsel.

Upon completion of data processing, TrustPoint International provides clients the ability to conduct both basic and advanced analysis of ESI. Basic analytics capabilities include:

  • Custodian Analysis
  • Domain Analysis
  • File Type Analysis
  • Language Analysis
  • Sampling (ESI)
  • Search (Including Boolean, Fuzzy Logic, Proximity, Stemming, Wildcard)

Advanced analytics capability includes support for:

  • Clusters
  • Concepts
  • Phrases
  • Timelines
  • Networks

The TrustPoint Basic Analytics Workflow

An Example


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