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About TrustPoint International

TrustPoint International unifies and simplifies legal discovery and staffing under the leadership of a single trusted partner. We give you control and flexibility needed for timely, defensible and cost-efficient results.

TrustPoint. Because Trust Matters.

Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA, TrustPoint International is a legal services company with a core technology and talent expertise in the discovery and review of electronically stored information.

The company business and execution strategy is to grow into an international legal service provider with the ability to deliver services ranging from consulting to court room reporting for every major phase of the compliance, governance and litigation lifecycle throughout the world.

From an offering perspective, the company is organized today to support growth into three specific business units. These business units include eDiscovery, legal staffing and managed services. Within this business unit structure, TrustPoint International today can deliver focused service offerings to support audit, investigation and litigation activities within law firms, corporations and governments. These service offerings include:

Discovery Services

These services have been employed in support of audits, investigations and litigation with specific expertise in areas including:

This expertise have resulted in client successes ranging from the avoidance of litigation by understanding risk early to the winning of cases by understanding evidence thoroughly. Examples include:

  • Investigation Support: A seven year engagement related to a governmental investigation of a high profile defense contractor resulting in successful management of more than 25 separate matters and more than 180 million documents.
  • Complex Litigation:A global pharmaceutical company required emergency discovery assistance to support their IP patent dispute with a complete review facility and team in less than 12 hours from their request.
  • Advanced Technology: A bank had a document nuisance claim that would be too expensive for conventional review. Leveraging predictive coding technology the bank reduced a document set size from 10.1 million documents to 125,000 documents within three days with 97% accuracy.

Simply stated, TrustPoint International can save you time, money and decrease your risk in the conduct of eDiscovery audits, investigations and litigation.

The Discovery Service Workflow

An Example


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Client Success: TrustPoint International met the DOJ Second Request driven discovery requirements of a national broadcasting corporation by reducing through processing and computer-assisted review the initial data set of 799 GB (1.2 million documents) of data into a manageable manual review data set of approximately 76 GB (approximately 240,000 documents). This was completed on time and on budget and managed under the supervision of the client and outside counsel by TrustPoint International. The combination of TrustPoint International services using a team familiar and dedicated to the client matter and the benefits of computer-assisted review resulted in the savings of time and money. Learn More.

Client Success: A leading healthcare industry client required emergency assistance based on the fact that search terms proposed by opposing counsel were returning over 300,000 documents for review. Due to unforeseen developments in the case, all review and production needed to be completed within two weeks. Within 48 hours of notification, TrustPoint International helped the client and outside counsel reduce the proposed review set to approximately 49,000 documents through testing, sampling and optimization of the search terms. Three days after notification of the emergency the review was underway and in less than two weeks all review and QC was completed, enabling the client and counsel to hit their production deadline. Learn more.

We Can Help Plan, Execute and Manage Any or All of Your Discovery, Legal Staffing or Managed Service Needs.

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