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Client Success – An International Fortune 500 Finance Company Addresses Breach of Contract Litigation

An international Fortune 100 finance company contacted TrustPoint seeking a sophisticated yet speedy approach to their litigation dilemma. In the context of a breach of contract litigation involving over $100 million, the client had less than 28 calendar days to respond to a Request for Production. More than 80 GB of raw data was already obtained by outside counsel, and the client’s internal collection efforts from its own servers produced more than 200 GB of data. This particular client was also quite savvy and cutting edge with their own internal IT/ediscovery department. Not only did they collect their own data, but they used their internally licensed filtering and processing software to cull down the data set. In conjunction with outside counsel and TrustPoint Project Managers , more than a week was spent running sophisticated analytics against the data set to reduce its size to less than 20 GB, or a resulting 70,000 targeted documents, all of which required further review for Responsiveness, Privilege and several issue codes. Traditional document review, even with a large review team, would take several weeks—time our client did not have. In addition, the client’s budget did not afford for even the more economical route of utilizing contract attorneys to review 100% of the data set. The solution presented was to cap costs using per document pricing (based on the 70,000 documents loaded for review) and run the data through TrustPoint’s predictive coding/automated review platform , then load into Relativity for an attorney review for quality assurance and control. The client sent TrustPoint a processed load file to be run through the Powerhouse automated review software. Using algorithms and a rule-set created from the client’s coding manual and document requests, the data was tagged for Responsiveness, Privilege, Privilege Reason, Corresponding Request for Production and five additional issue codes. Using an iterative process of re-running the data several times based on client feedback on the predictive coding, the entire data set (except for unreadable documents like pictures or audio files) was appropriately coded. The result was exported into Relativity, with all codes intact, where a contract attorney review team then performed a quality control audit on approximately 20% of the auto-coded data set. Using statistical sampling and comparing data tags from the auto-review process, with the QC tags applied, the predictive coding platform was found to be 99% accurate. In all, the entire automated review, coding and QC process took less than eight calendar days, and the production, including a privilege log, was produced on time and under budget to the opposing party.

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