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Client Success – Leading Silicon Valley Technology Firm Leverages Managed Review

A Fortune 500 technology company sought immediate assistance in providing a cost-effective document review solution for its antitrust litigation. Without delay, our managed review experts organized a team of attorneys with antitrust experience led by a veteran Project Manager, and set the review up in one of our state-of-the-art review facilities. Our team worked seamlessly with the corporation’s outside counsel to achieve a successful outcome.

Client Success – Fortune 500 Technology Company Increases Review Productivity

Our team supplied a team of attorney reviewers that grew in size to 105 over the life of the review in an IP licensing case with antitrust issues at its core for a Fortune 500 tech company. Under the leadership of our Senior Project Manager, first-tier review of over three million documents was achieved on-time with no overtime. We assumed increasing responsibility for review and production quality control providing a tremendous cost savings to our corporate client. Subsequent to first-tier review and production, our Senior Project Manager identified our top-performing attorneys from the review team who were retained to do follow-on tasks for which they were especially suited. Under direction from outside counsel, our team performed privilege review, created privilege log, and did substantial fact research and evidentiary work in preparation for depositions, motion practice, and trial. Because our attorneys had developed such broad expertise in the stories the document set told, and because they were devoted solely to this project, they were uniquely capable of creating top-drawer work product faster and at a lower cost.

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